Design and Installation of Remediation Systems for Chevron USA, Inc.

WPI has been one of Chevron’s primary contractors for the construction and installation of soil and groundwater treatment systems since 1994.  In this time period, WPI has constructed and installed over 50 soil and groundwater remediation systems for Chevron.


Soil remediation systems typically use vapor extraction technology combined with contaminant vapor treatment.   Contaminant vapor treatment methodologies include activated carbon, catalytic and thermal oxidization, internal combustion engines, and bioremediation.


Groundwater recovery  system installations typically use pneumatic powered pumps for groundwater recovery.  Groundwater is routed to a treatment compound through double walled conveyance piping.  Treatment methods have included carbon adsorption, air stripping, and bioremediation systems. In-situ groundwater treatment methods include air sparging and oxygen injection.  


WPI has also provided extensive groundwater monitoring services for Chevron in the Southern California area.