Design/Build of Emergency Generator Fuel Supply Systems for Acute Care Facilities


WPI provides design-build services for emergency generator fuel oil supply systems for hospitals, commercial data centers and office buildings.  WPI engineering provides complete fuel system design and support, from concept, startup commissioning and site maintenance.  These systems are designed and engineered to meet all State of California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) special permitting and seismic regulations. 


WPI ‘s engineering staff considers all aspects of facility operations, including underground storage tank placement, fuel delivery truck access planning, local agency permitting, regulatory compliance, special seismic equipment certification, fuel system controls, fuel filtration and fuel quality management and contingency planning. 


WPI has also designed and installed unique fuel supply systems that utilize cost saving above ground fuel tank (day tank) systems for generators, incorporating all appropriate ASME and UL code fabrication.