Design/Build Services for Underground Parking Lot Fueling System


WPI was retained to provide design-build services for the temporary abandonment and reinstallation of an underground parking structure fueling system.  Construction work as part of a downtown redevelopment plan required the majority of the existing fueling system to be removed.  A unique design challenge was posed by the fact that the fuel underground storage tank is 60 feet higher than the fuel dispensing points.  WPI’s scope of work also included code review, assessing and engineering systems for mitigating fire risk associated with confined space area fueling.


The new fuel system was designed to meet enhanced containment and monitoring requirements that satisfied both regulatory and safety concerns.  The WPI engineering staff designed and fabricated a contiguous double wall piping and monitoring system from the street level underground storage tank to the parking structure dispensing area.  The piping consisted of both traditional buried fuel piping and overhead suspended double wall steel construction with special engineering for seismic bracing.