About Wayne Perry, Inc.

We have set the standard for service since 1968.

Built Upon Decades ofDedication

In 1968 Wayne Perry, Inc. began to specialize as a construction business for fueling facilities. Since that time, we have grown into an industry leader in a broad range of services centered on the construction, engineering, and environmental needs of the oil and gas industry and beyond.

Our clients include many of the world’s most influential businesses as well as local, state, and federal agencies throughout the Western United States. Backed by a commitment to building lasting relationships, we offer solutions and service you won’t find anywhere else.

The Wayne Perry, Inc. Story

Wayne Perry, Inc.’s first job came at a dark time in Southern California’s history. In 1968, civil disturbances in South Central Los Angeles were threatening Shell Oil service stations in the area. Our founder braved the chaos to board up the stations so they could be kept safe during the strife. To this day, that grit and determination remains embedded in our DNA.

The relationship with Shell Oil provided Wayne Perry, Inc. with its early opportunities to branch into fueling station construction projects in the 1970s. California’s population boom and love of the automobile created ample opportunities for work.

Over time, we expanded our scope to meet the needs of our key customers. Sometimes that meant rolling up our sleeves and inventing entirely new technologies to solve complex problems. In particular, the industry needed sophisticated answers to environmental concerns.

In 1986, our team designed and built one of the first soil vapor recovery extraction systems to receive permitting approval by the South Coast Air Quality Management District. In 1988, we invented a groundbreaking surge tank pump and control system for separating oil and water at fueling stations. In 1992, we developed proprietary catalyzing agents to safely oxidize soil and groundwater contaminants. The list goes on.

Our environmental remediation capabilities gradually led us beyond the oil and gas industry. We are proud to have played an instrumental role in helping water districts mitigate groundwater contamination. For example, the system we designed to treat groundwater contaminated by methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) has been operating at Los Angeles County’s Charnock subbasin drinking water aquifer since 1998.

By bringing together a multidisciplinary team of professionals, Wayne Perry, Inc. is proud to offer clients a single resource for system design, construction, maintenance, and remediation. We look forward to serving you.

Wayne Perry, Inc. Today

The average Wayne Perry, Inc. employee has been with the company for over 10 years. This consistency in the midst of constant growth speaks volumes about the quality of our operations and people.

Our Culture

As Wayne Perry, Inc. has grown, we’ve remained rooted in core values that shape everything we do. Delivering the exceptional results our clients demand requires more than just technical expertise. It requires a commitment to building lasting relationships and empowering professionals to do their best work. Our lean and flat operating structure ensures our leadership team has personal connections with everyone on the team and every project we handle.

People First

In every phase, this is a relationships-driven business.


We strive for constant improvement.

hard hat


It's the most important part of every job.


Our proven system delivers consistent results.

Safety Is Job One

Wayne Perry, Inc. is committed to being the industry leader in best safety practices. Even in the drawing room, we think about how to execute projects with strict controls to prevent accidents. Learn more about Wayne Perry, Inc.’s safety program.

Where We  Are Licensed

Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington

Meet Our Leaders

The Wayne Perry, Inc. team is as dynamic as our services. From geologists and engineers to environmental scientists and technicians, we provide in-house solutions led by the industry’s best.

Our Process Management System

For a team to excel, it needs great people and a superior system. Our team uses Quality, Safety, and Environmental (QSE) systems to provide exceptional, reproducible results every time on every project. Our system is designed to ensure:

  • Leadership accountability
  • Quality work
  • Safe execution
  • Site and personnel security
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Continuous improvement

Contact any member of our leadership team to learn more about our QSE systems and how they can improve performance on your next project.


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Join Our Team

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