Unparalleled expertise for a changing industry.

A Shared Commitment To the Highest Standards

Since 1968, maintenance services have been a core part of the Wayne Perry, Inc. mission. In 1998, we formed a dedicated team to provide comprehensive maintenance and compliance testing services to service stations throughout the Western United States. Today, our rapid-response technicians support the safe and clean operation of over 400 service stations.

Major oil companies and government agencies trust Wayne Perry, Inc. to support their fueling operations because we know the business from the underground tanks to the rooftops. Our maintenance program is rooted in the experience and expertise of our construction, engineering, and environmental remediation teams. We care about the details.

Comprehensive maintenance demands an uncompromising commitment to safety, compliance, and quality. Our industry-leading safety program protects the health and wellbeing of employees, customers, and the community throughout our service engagement. We provide in-house regulatory expertise to keep fueling stations current. And we care about the experience of a facility’s visitors: They’ll find only clean, properly maintained equipment from the pumps to the convenience store and beyond.

Additional Services

  • Around-the-clock rapid response
  • Toll-free service hotline
  • Flexible, scalable contract options
  • Complete fuel system maintenance and repair
  • Tanks, sumps, and under-dispenser containment
  • State and federal compliance testing
  • PLC-HMI interfaces
  • All-inclusive facility maintenance, including lighting, fencing, plumbing, HVAC/refrigeration, signage, and more
  • Complete convenience store maintenance
  • Service for conventional and alternative fueling systems, including CNG, LNG, and hydrogen

Safety is Job One

Wayne Perry, Inc. is committed to being the leader in best safety practices. Even in the drawing room, we think about how to execute projects with strict controls to prevent accidents.

Associated Projects

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