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Chevron Products Company

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Prime contractor


California, Oregon, and Washington


Kent Cowan

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Chevron Products Company

Wayne Perry, Inc. has partnered with Chevron Corp. for over three decades, providing the state-of-the-art preventative maintenance services they need to keep fuel systems secure, safe, and operable at all times. We currently maintain over 200 Chevron facilities across California and the Pacific Northwest, offering 24/7 maintenance support with unrivaled four-hour response times.

In addition to our complete suite of maintenance services, our current team for Chevron consists of over 25 experts who specialize in providing:

  • Fuel System Monitoring: Chevron relies on Wayne Perry, Inc.’s dedicated fuel system monitoring services to keep its stations operating safely and efficiently. Secure, networked technologies alert our teams to faults as soon as they happen. With dedicated monitoring, the source of a problem can be traced from the operations room so technicians arrive in the field with the right equipment and a clear plan to rapidly return the facility to peak performance.
  • Facility Maintenance: From the rooftops to the bottom of storage tanks, we keep Chevron’s facilities clean, tuned, and consistent. Our proven process includes regular inspections by trained professionals who ensure each site meets or exceeds Chevron’s requirements.
  • Construction Services: Wayne Perry, Inc. is proud to be Chevron’s construction partner throughout the Western United States. From greenfield sites to minor renovations, our teams bring a comprehensive understanding of the fueling industry to each project. We partner with the in-house team at Chevron to ensure precise planning, timely delivery, and professional results.
  • POS Fraud Detection: In recent years, point of sale (POS) systems have become a target for identity theft and other fraudulent activity. In coordination with Chevron and federal law enforcement, our teams are updating approximately 180 POS units and computers to eliminate “skimmers” and other devices used for identity theft. As a part of our commitment to compliance and customer safety, our teams provide Chevron with support for keeping systems fully compliant and updated, replacing all hard drives with SSDs, and implementing chip-reader technology. Our teams also secure Chevron dispensers through SecureAccess software to prevent fraudulent activity during low traffic hours.
  • Disinfecting Services: Wayne Perry, Inc. is the exclusive provider of disinfecting services for Chevron. We use products compliant with OSHA, CDC, and EPA requirements to provide safe, hospital-grade disinfection. Our teams respond within four hours and provide post-exposure COVID-19 disinfection through contact tracing. Our teams also offer comprehensive disinfection and sanitization by treating restrooms and POS systems as well as entire stations.

Our maintenance teams, engineers, and specialists have fostered efficient and cost-effective support for Chevron, only solidifying the uniquely collaborative nature we have together.

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