How Ron Perry Continues a Legacy of Growth and Innovation at WPI

Ron Perry epitomizes a charismatic leadership style forged through formidable industry experience, unwavering dedication, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. With more than four decades of expertise leading construction initiatives, Ron’s career, enriched by his early ownership of two construction companies and military project management experience, has been instrumental in propelling Wayne Perry Inc. forward since he joined in 1981.

Early Beginnings and Leadership Ascension

From his earliest days at WPI, Ron faced skepticism from existing team members upon joining his father in building the company. However, his diverse skill set, honed through years of hands-on experience and project management, coupled with his adeptness in relationship-building, facilitated a seamless transition into roles of increasing responsibility.

“While my role continues to evolve annually with the shifting industry landscape and evolving customer needs, many of my original responsibilities have remained in place,” Ron says, reflecting on his journey. “They’ve only expanded in scope and magnitude.” Today his multifaceted role encompasses overseeing construction operations, fostering a culture of safety and mentorship, and nurturing client relationships.

Driving Growth through Reputation and Expertise

“Unlike others in the industry,” Ron says, WPI is approached to submit bids and RFPs, but they “do not actively need to seek them out,” commenting on the company’s growth and evolution. “We don’t even have a marketing or sales team. We’re strictly an engineering and customer-focused organization, renowned for our brand reputation, the strength of our team, and our unparalleled problem-solving abilities.”

Under Ron’s stewardship, WPI has embarked on a transformative journey, extending beyond the traditional realms of constructing fueling stations and addressing environmental remediation needs for its oil and gas clients. In recent years, WPI has delved into a strategic partnership with Costco, constructing gas stations and store extensions for the retail giant.

Through strategic alliances with regional Costco executives, the company has earned acclaim for its problem-solving prowess and adeptness in fostering cohesion among diverse workforces across clients and subcontractor organizations. “We’ve witnessed exponential growth with key clients, including Costco, venturing into new geographic markets at their request,” he says. “Our collaboration commenced with building fueling stations, driven by escalating consumer demand. Subsequently, we were entrusted with building fuel stations and revitalizing stores in Hawaii and Texas, and more recently, we’ve been retained to help them expand their operations in the Eastern United States.” 

The engagement with Costco now extends beyond geographical expansion. “We’re tackling multifaceted projects such as constructing food processing centers, pharmacies, and cutting-edge refrigeration systems for them. Aligning with and comprehending their vision and future growth plans has been pivotal in fostering the strength of our partnership.”

Managing Internal Operations and Marketplace Dynamics

Another one of Ron’s target areas is serving as a vital bridge between customer relations and internal coordination, ensuring the company’s objectives materialize into tangible outcomes. “Open communication with clients and seamless coordination with internal departments and employees are indispensable for our sustained growth,” he says.

His strategic approach harmonizes company objectives with customer needs, emphasizing robust communication and a deep understanding of client requirements. “We meticulously assemble teams capable of surpassing profitability and safety objectives while prioritizing project ownership, innovation, and timely communication.”

Recognizing the value of employee empowerment to the company’s success, he says, “We foster a culture of pride and growth within the company. By providing training tools, certifications, and mentorships, encouraging self-evaluation and ensuring policy adherence, we cultivate a cohesive environment and family culture that propels our company and individual team members toward success.”

Leaving an Indelible Imprint

Looking ahead, Ron anticipates a wealth of growth opportunities on the horizon, particularly within renewable energy initiatives, including compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen fueling, along with other infrastructure advancements.

As he continues navigating the ever-evolving fuel construction landscape, he remains resolute in pursuing innovation and collaboration while staying client-focused. His unwavering commitment ensures WPI will stand at the forefront of leading-edge initiatives and innovation for years to come.

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