Reshaping the Landscape While Shaping His Career

Employee Profile:

Dave Lasky
Construction Manager

In the world of retail petroleum construction, where the symphony of bulldozers and backhoes transforms aging spaces into bright, modern fueling centers, Dave Lasky has emerged as a seasoned conductor breathing new life into tired spaces. With a career spanning over three decades, Dave has mastered every aspect of retail petroleum construction, making him the ideal choice to lead Wayne Perry’s ambitious, large-scale capital investment initiatives.

As the head construction manager for one of the company’s flagship clients, his influence resonates throughout the company’s commercial ecosystem, including the profound impact he has had during his tenure at FASTECH, Wayne Perry’s sister company. From laborer to accomplished construction manager, Dave’s career journey stands as a testament to his relentless dedication, skills mastery, and prowess in managing successful projects within the retail petroleum construction world.

A Trailblazing Career Path Ignited by Serendipity

In the late 1980s, as his peers embarked on the well-trodden paths of higher education or vocational pursuits, Dave found himself charting an unexpected career path driven by a serendipitous moment. “Straight out of high school, I dove into a position at a construction company owned by a friend’s father,” he recalls. This decision marked the beginning of a career rich with challenge and fulfillment – a journey that would ultimately shape his path in unforeseen ways.

A Pathway to Mastery

Over the years, Dave rose from humble beginnings to assume leadership roles at two Southern California retail petroleum construction companies. Serving first as a laborer at G&C Service, he went on to a role as a maintenance technician, and later to that of foreman juggling a wide range of projects and responsibilities. In a subsequent role as superintendent at Tanknology, he spearheaded complex projects from inception and planning to successful completions.

“My initial years in the field allowed me to explore every facet, from new construction and maintenance to collaborating with clients, steering teams, adhering to compliance regulations like the intricacies of SB989, alongside undertakings like tank removal and remediation,” he recounts. The gritty tasks of pumping out and excavating tanks provided him with firsthand insight into the fieldwork environment, its perils, and associated hazards.

With a wealth of experience in his toolbelt, Dave joined forces with FASTECH in 2005, assuming the role of project manager. There he orchestrated the maintenance and construction of client stations, including oversight of lighting and HVAC-R systems, resource allocation, budgeting, contractual fulfillment, and more. “My journey within the Wayne Perry corporate sphere culminated seamlessly when I transitioned directly to my current role at Wayne Perry in 2022,” he notes.

Guiding State-of-the-Art Design/Build Projects

Across both Wayne Perry and FASTECH, Dave commands admiration as a seasoned manager and team leader. His open approach and aptitude for cultivating robust relationships with client teams, municipal boards, and other stakeholders have streamlined project workflows, reined in costs, and ensured successful project outcomes. From the routine maintenance ventures to the most sprawling construction undertakings, he consistently delivers for Wayne Perry on behalf of its clients.

One of his notable project successes is the revitalization of an aging client station in Dana Point, California. This transformation turned it into a vibrant, contemporary fuel station gateway. Despite facing substantial challenges from groundwater issues and unstable coastal soil, his team overcame these obstacles. This effort led to overcoming the challenges and creation of an impressive state-of-the-art fueling station, complete with a 3,000-square-foot convenience store. Today this station greets customers with its visually appealing Spanish-style architecture to offer them a warm welcome into town.

Dave’s career journey from laborer to project manager for large-cap construction is an enduring tribute to his unswerving dedication, unmatched mastery, and fervor for the retail petroleum construction industry. In his free time, Dave enjoys playing the drums, listening to music, fishing and outdoor recreational activities. We’re thrilled to have him on our team.

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